Okinawa, Naha City, Kumamoto Prefecture: Shisha Specialty Store【masacari】

Located just a 5-minute walk from Kokusai Street, "masacari" is a Shisha Salon that opened in September 2020, offering a CHILL experience. Our aim is to introduce and share the joy of Shisha as a part of everyone's relaxing time, whether they are locals, newcomers, tourists, or anyone in search of some leisurely moments.

Amid the rising popularity and demand for Shisha (Hookah) in major cities, we, in Okinawa, take pride in not only emphasizing its fashionable aspects but also focusing on the rich taste and unique flavors. We offer a variety of Shisha options to match your mood, including classic fruity and sweet dessert-like aromas, as well as floral and spice-infused flavors. Additionally, we can create custom blends tailored to your preferences, providing a rich and diverse experience reminiscent of cocktail enjoyment.

We invite you to indulge in a serene ambiance at our sophisticated establishment and savor a moment of relaxation and bliss.
How to Enjoy Shisha
Savoring the Aromas
Immerse yourself in your favorite scents
Aromas play an essential role in our daily lives, whether it's the fragrance of perfume, soap, fabric softener, and more. There are moments when we find comfort in the scent of our favorite incense.

One of the delights of Shisha is the ability to customize it according to your "mood of the day." Enjoy the moment when aromas and emotions connect, and take your time to relish the experience.
Enjoying Time
Whether alone or with company, Any occasion or preference is welcome.
A place to cherish moments alone, A place where people can connect and unwind at ease.

In such a setting, the time spent savoring the aroma and smoke is truly exceptional.
shisha staff
What is shisha
Shisha has been gaining popularity in Japan, with an increasing number of people enjoying it both at specialized lounges and at home. The mechanism of Shisha involves flavoring tobacco leaves with syrup, then smoking the flavored tobacco on charcoal, passing the smoke through water to filter it, and finally inhaling the aromatic and flavored smoke. It is said to have a history of around 3000 years and is enjoyed in various countries around the world.

Some may associate Shisha with an underground and dangerous image, but in Japan, the sale and operation of water tobacco/Shisha are allowed as long as proper retail permits are obtained. Shisha offers a way to cut out the characteristic smell and stress on the lungs associated with regular tobacco, allowing for the enjoyment of a wide range of flavors and aromas, including fruits and sweets. As a result, Shisha is embraced by a diverse audience, including non-smokers and young women. With the ability to mix different flavors, the possibilities for taste are limitless.

One of the attractions of Shisha is that it can be enjoyed for 1 to 2 hours. Amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, why not take some time to indulge in a chic and leisurely experience, enjoying some personal time or engaging in relaxed conversations with friends?